Thiophene C4H4S

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IUPAC Name: Thiophene.
Other names : Thiofuran Thiacyclopentadiene Thiole.

Thiophene also commonly called thiofuran, is a heterocyclic compound with the formula C4H4S . Consisting of a flat five-membered ring, it is aromatic as indicated by its extensive substitution reactions.

Characteristics & Uses:

Environmental Concerns & Health Hazards

Thiophene is resistant to biological degradation.Thiophene is a FLAMMABLE LIQUID and a FIRE HAZARD.
Chemical formula C4H4S
Molar mass 84.14 g·mol-1
Appearance colorless liquid
Density 1.051 g/mL, liquid
Melting point -38 °C (-36 °F; 335 K)
Boiling point 84 °C (183 °F; 357 K)
Magnetic susceptibility (χ) -57.38 106 cm3 .
Source: Wikipedia