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Class V Mathematics; NCERT:

Math - Magic the Mathematics textbook for class 05, published by NCERT
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License:[Source NCERT ]Dec. 17, 2016, 9:53 a.m.

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yes this book is intesting and more of activity based which a primary school going kid wants & in teaching mathematics using different activities,he would be more attentive and curious.
this book is very helpful for those students who are unable to understand the basic concept of mathematics, as it helps student in their logical and creative thinking.this book is so much important  to form basic understanding of matthematical terms which helps students to construct their mathematical ability in future.
Chapters in this book like "shapes and angles", "be my multiple i'll be your factor", "how many squares?", etc., helps in students over all development in aspect of logical and critical development through which students learn how to connect subject topics with real world and get answers of their question on their own. This NCERT book is too fruitful and students able to learn and grasp things practically.
I found this book very interesting, it is very helpful for the 5th standard students to increase curiosity in mathematics and through this book, new animated mathematics can be created in their mind which will help them to solve problems of other subjects also.
This book is very interesting. The best part of the book is - it provides an imagination to the students about the different areas of work in mathematics in real life situation and also develops curiousity in mathematics unknown facts. it can help alot a teacher to make childrens learn new areas of learning and work on them in real life situations.
Leaning mathematics using activities is one of the best way to learn the concepts.
This type of book can increase students interest
I really like the way this book expalins the mathmatetical operations.
Its also very easy for students to understand. Great Content!!!!
This book content will provide a great concept building platform in students without any difficulty
Wow !!!   this book is really very  good and fruitful as per primary student perspective.
Mathematics is more intresting for primary studend when it is learned by  activity .
This book of mathematics is the good one and also it has a very easy language to understand.
this book is very usefull to understand  the concept of mathemtices .
This book includes a range of activities for children of grade 5.These activities use materials found inside our home and also make learning experiences out of everyday routines, such as grocery shopping and doing laundry.This reinforce children's skills and positive attitude towards mathematics.
yes this book will be fruitful for the students as they will learn the maths in a more simpler way and will help the students to develop their cognitive skills in future also.