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Class XI Language – Hornbill; NCERT:

Hornbill, the Language textbook for class 11 published by NCERT
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License:[Source NCERT ]March 30, 2017, 11 a.m.

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This book help in the enhancemrnt of english of various students. it is insightful and helps in better understanding. 
this book is nice, content is good, it gives alot of knowledge
really interesting stories.
really interesting stories.
one of the best books of english prescribed for class 11th. really interesting and helps to build up a good vocabulary. 
one of the best books of english prescribed for class 11th. really interesting and helps to build up a good vocabulary. 
This book is very interesting. It enhances students vocabulary and through this students can learn new lessons which they can use in their daily bives also.
hornbill is a book which makes english intersting for students..indeed the most remembered book from school days.
Well I am well acquainted with this book and would like to add on that in my opinion its a great book for students of class XIth. This book incorporates not only the content knowledge but along with that other essential aspects for one's development like morals,values,critical thinking,emotions etc. are equally focused. It is quite clear from the very first chapter that after reading it, the reader can very easily relate to the practical life. Yes, I agree from the previous comment that it absolutely incorporates inter- disciplinary knowledge.  
Well... after going through the content of the book, I could say that this textbook incorporates inter-disciplinary knowledge which would enable the students to apply the knowledge gained in one discipline to a different discipline and hence broaden their knowledge base. Also, the book very well blends in inter-cultural and philosophical viewpoints which would help the students to know the language, art and culture, the ideologies of the world.
 As far as the four language skills are concerned, Reading and Writing skills have been covered commendably while the Listening and Speaking skills have not been touhed upon much. But that's where the role of a teacher comes in, who would help students to work upon these skills by conducting various activities and ensuring students' active participation. 
This book cover page is very attractive .I have already read this book 11class in during school.I must say this book is intersting as well.
these book help student to exolore more about english
The book enables the students to enhance and improve their enflish in all the aspects. The content in the book covers all the four skills which aims at improving listening, speaking, reading and writing skills`of the students. The book will enable students to explore the creativity within themselves. The content in the book will enable students to improve their life skills and moral values.  
these book help student to exolore more about english
these book help student to exolore more about english
The chapters in the book are so relateable that a reader feels pleasure while reading it.The content of the book is very correct and adequate, and also will help students to maintain their reading skills up to mark.
This book is suitable for the learning of a 11th standard student as this book not only help in developing the student's language skills but also improve their social and moral skills. To further enhance the students knowledge , it's content need to be more innovative, creative and deep in this way the book will prove more effective  
I have read this book and found the book to be as per the menal level of class 11 students. The book does offer few topics which requires a student to ponder upon.and Yes, I agree that the book covers only 2 skills that are reading and writing and I believe that it's on the part of the teacher to develop and polish the listening and speaking skills of his/her students
I totally agree with the above comment. The book is upto the level of 11th standard student as it aims at developing all the four skills i.e. listening , speaking, reading and writring. At the same time it enculcates some values among the students which is very essential for their moral development.
The content of the book is very much adequate and sufficient enough according to the psychology of a 11 standard student and I must say this book is interesting as well.
This book contain good content knowledge and students can learn alot from it. The chapters included also help student to develop good moral values also.
मै इस बात से सहमत हूँ कि यह पुस्तक काफी अच्छी है, यह  पुस्तक  विद्यार्थियों में कोशल  विकास मे  मदद करती  है | इसमे पाठ्य सामग्री काफी आसान तथा समझने योग्य है | 
I also agree with these comments . This book has also a lesson which enhance the moral values in children.
Yes, This is very good book . I had already read this book during school time. I like the language of this book and the cover page is very interesting.
It focuses on only two skills that is reading and writing skill instead of all the four skills
 These items could be widely used by the learners in their day-to-day communication.
I have read this book you are right it focuses only two skills but if teachers do some efforts towards four skills then it is more interesting . It has very good chapters which is very interesting and good according to the level of students.
Totally agree  with u nd ur opinions..
it focuses on 2 skills but th rest 2 skills are listening and speaking and they can we well incorporated in class by the teacher if she puts right efforts in right direction then she can help students to acquire all these skills from this book
yes there are always two sides of everythng and different perspective so we should also see the best of it which is the cover which is really attractive
I agree with it as any language book should focus on all the four skills of language i.e., Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skill, so should this book do. But yes one can always improve his/her vocab and speaking skills using this book as the contents and of the book and their level accoring to the class XI is nice.
Even i agree with your viewpoints.. i read the same book when i was in class 11.. though the book has an interesting and diverse collection of stories and content.. the activities accompanying the the chapters are not as much innovative as they should be.. so this brings the responsibility on the shoulders of the tachers to make the activities as interesting as possible along with mere reading of the chapter and attempting the question answers..