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Class VII Science; NCERT:

Science textbook for class 07, published by NCERT.
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License:[Source NCERT ]Oct. 17, 2016, 10:51 a.m.

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The ncert book is full of activities which help the child in learning very easily. they perform them and understand very easily and books appearence is very good.
The NCERT science textbook for class 7 has been designed keeping child centered approach .The blue box in between the lessons is really helpful for learners .
The NCERT science textbook for class VII is very interesting and helpful for students as it consist of different activities, experiments and very well labelled diagrams which help students to understand the concepts in easy manner. 
The NCERT SCIENCE textbook for class VII is full of activities and exercises to enhance the students knowledge & with the simple language & effective illustrations it is very easy for students to understand the fundamental as well as the difficult phenomenon's & processes.
This textbook of class VII by NCERT is really very effective as it describes the different content in the book through visual illustrations, stories and activities which enhances the learning of students.