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Class VI Science; NCERT:

Science textbook for class 06, published by NCERT.
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License:[Source NCERT ]Oct. 17, 2016, 10:50 a.m.

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This book contains all basic concepts and there are number of activities for the better understanding
how to download this book?
I read this book and this book covers basics of science concepts. It is avery good book to develop strong foundation in Science for the students
@Raksha I agree this book contain all basic concepts which will help the students in higher classes also sufficient number of activities are there to better understanding of concepts but I thinks reading content is little bit less than the activities but questions for practice after each topic is enough.  cover page is also very attractive. Organisation of chapters arranged in keeping the Psychology of students...
@Raksha indeed its a good book to build foundation.
Continuity is maintained. It relates science study with its future use, for example 1st chapter is food and 2nd is components of food if we talk in terms of continuity  Most of the topics is helpful in real life situations.
in this book the language is very easy to understand.
the cover page is also very attractive.