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Class VII Social Science - Our Pasts; NCERT:

Our Past, the Social Science textbook for class 07, published by NCERT
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License:[Source NCERT ]Oct. 17, 2016, 11:02 a.m.

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Through this book children get to know about ancient  culture and time. the langauge of the book is quite easy which enhances the knowledge of the students. Students after reading this will get to know about our traditional cultures.
This Book is really nice for the students of upper primary segment.
It is  easy to understand about the ancient culture & time. This book increase the knowledge of the students.
 This book is a good, in which show the ancient culture and tradional, and religions. students would know about their ancient time. in this book, the mughal empire, rulers, tribes and nomads, who helps the increase knowledge of students.
This book is good.In this book  student would know about their ancient culture,kingdom and empires etc...With the help of this book student knowledge would be increased.
how to download the book any suggestion
yes i agree with you manisha, as the language of the book also seems to be easy to understand and through this book the students will be able to enhance their knowledge on the traditional culture of our country...