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Application of Second law of motion:

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This is an infographic which demonstrates the application of second law of motion. It may be used by the learner to understand how a karate player is able to break a pile of tiles with a single blow of his elbow. It may also be used by the teacher as a pedagogical resource to generate curiosity and interest among the learners for the topic. Development team: Author: Ms. Chandni Khanna, Kamal Model Sr. Sec. School, New Delhi; Reviewer: Dr. Gagan Gupta, NCERT, New Delhi, Prof. V.B. Bhatia, Retd., Delhi University, Delhi, Sh. Rahul Chatterjee, Shillong Jail Road Boys Hr. Sec. School, Shillong, Ms. Sheeba Malik, JPF, NCERT, New Delhi; Academic Coordinator: Dr. Rachna Garg, NCERT, New Delhi
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License:[Source NCERT ]March 7, 2018, 1:25 p.m.

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