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Learning while Playing at Early Childhood Stage:

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The article shed light on how children construct knowledge using logical reasoning and understanding the physical surroundings around them. It emphasizes that children should be given ample choices to do things themselves, to make them independent and creative thinkers.
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License:[Source NCERT ]Aug. 3, 2017, 10:40 p.m.

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Learning while playing at early childhood stage by Dr.Romila Soni .
It is an awesome write up about  learning by playing. Each and every stage of the child's learning is an important phase through which a child will have a long time impact in their life time.
The best part of the write up is about the characterstics the teacher should have to teach a primary child.
One important learning is a teacher should be EMPATHETIC. I have to put my shoes of the children.
Thank you for such a wonderful write up.