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Environment Friendly And Cost Effective Use Of Aqueous Hydrogen Sulphide For Identification Of Cations:

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Qualitative analysis of inorganic salts is an integral or part of laboratory curriculum at higher secondary, under graduate and post graduate stages all over the world. Hydrogen sulphide is an analytical reagent used in qualitative analysis for the identification and confirmation of various cations. Hydrogen sulphide is a very poisonous gas with the characteristic foul odour of rotten eggs which also pollutes the environment. Increasing awareness about healthy laboratory environment has prompted to search greener and safer way to detect the cations as sulphides. Present paper describes the preparation of non-toxic aqueous hydrogen sulphide reagent which can be used in place of hydrogen sulphide gas.
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License:[Source NCERT ]June 13, 2017, 5:43 p.m.

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