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Learning Curve, Issue 25, January 2016:

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The main focus of this issue of Learning Curve (a newsletter by the Azim Premji Foundation) is Public Education System in India. It includes understanding the concept of Public Education and Human Development in India. It also discusses the consequences of privatisation of education and the significance of the RtE act.
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License:[Source Azim Premji University ]Feb. 22, 2017, 7:22 p.m.

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The document presents a strong and critical view regarding the Public Education System in India and indeed it is very sad scenario in  India with respect to Government Education System. The Gulf between have and have-nots are widely increasing and it left an huge impact on the education sector. With increasing privatisation, this gap is increasing at a faster rate and now it has shown many adverse consequences such as- cut-throat competition among students, commercialisation of Education and many more.
I completely agree, as now a days our eduaction system runs into a binary form where private and government schools are showing a wide gap in terms of their quality of education, infrastructure facilities,teacher-student ratio etc. which can be only improved by suitable government intervention.
Yes, of course...they are many factors which contributes to the increasing gap between public and private education. But, this cannot alone be improved by Government Policies, several aspects need to work upon,..first and foremost is understanding and believing that government school can also provide education  and stop running towards private schools.