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Sources of Energy:

Episode 02 of the video lectures of chapter 07 of India People and Economy, a Geography textbook for class 12; covers the various sources of energy
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License:[Source CIET, NCERT ]Aug. 12, 2020, 1:26 p.m.

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The video was very well presented by the teacher.This video gave the gist of such a long chapter into only 13 minutes.Since students are more inclined to audio-visual aids rather than just reading it out from the textbook,teachers should use such videos to make their class interactive and thus making teaching- learning more effective.
This video helped in deep understanding of the topic sources of energy very well. images prove more helpful in gaining knowledge about any topic. It is more enhanced learning as compared to textbook learning. Students will learn through easy pointers which give the gist of the topic well and then form their own learning easily after going through this. These type of online learning lessons should be motivated and learning should occur through them. 
Yess this is one of the best way to teach such interesting topics. government should encourage this learmimg process. and should provide such more sites and make it mandatory in schools that these resources should be used in learning process.