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India's External Relations: India's Relation with China:

Episode 01 of video lectures of chapter 04 of Politics in India since Independence, Political Science textbook for class 12
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License:[Source CIET, NCERT ]Aug. 11, 2020, 4:25 p.m.

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You are right himanipandey that technology have a good share amount of limitations. Though I would like to add that the best way to solve the problem you have mentioned could be that sir could take doubts of the students via email or can have video chats with students once in a week.
I agree with roopalgupta08, the lecture is really useful and has covered all the important areas with regard to India's External Relations.
But i would like to add that technology with its advantages has brought too many disadvantages as well. Here, the most important drawback is that students and teacher are not having a face to face interactive session and in a such case students doubts are difficult to be cleared.
In all, the efforts of Mr. M. L. Sawhney are commendable and are of great help to the students and teachers like us.
Thank you Sir for delivering the lesson effectively and efficiently. You have covered each and every point, which made the teaching- learning process interesting. It made the boring monotonous and dull classroom scenario into an good stimulative session.

Also, the use of easy vocabulary and proper voice modulation made the description of the topic easy to comprehend. The best part of the lecture is the way you have divided the chapter into sections and further the explanation have been done in parts.  The video is really helpful and a very good option for students who are studying through NIOS or for those who are irregular in the school due to illness or any other reason. 

In today's time, technology has provided a good platform to reach out to many and help the students and teachers.