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Tri Murti, Elephanta Caves:

This image is showing Trimurti also known as gharapurichi leni sculpture.The sculpture seen in the picture is, one of the mostsignificant sculptures of all the images at Elephanta. It is referred to as Sadashiva, Maheshwara or Maheshamurti. This three-headed figure shows different manifestations of the Lord Siva, on the left (see inset picture), Lord Siva is seen with fully open eyes and is wearing a moustache, this is his Bhairava aspect. In the centre, you can see Siva in his benign form emanating peace and tranquility; and on the right is the feminine Parvati. This Trimurti sculpture is interpreted as the three fundamental qualities present in the Universe —theTamas, theSatvaand theRajasrespectively. Somescholars are of the view that although only three faces are shown in the sculpture, the fourth and even a fifth might have been envisaged by the sculptors.
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