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Sculpture Panal, Lakshmana Temple:

This image is showing an image of sculpture panels of Lakhmana Temple Khajuraho.The art of sculpture and architecture merge most beautifully at Khajuraho. The walls of the temples are profusely carved bothinternally and externally. The profusion of female figures and loving couples in the main temple walls has inspired scholars to offer several theories.In this picture, you see the mythical animals in the inner niches wheareas the female figures are seen in dance poses, playing musical instrument, looking in the mirror, adorning them selves with sindur, kajal and alta.All the figures are dressed in fine garments. Jewellery is worn in the hair, neck, arms, waist, ankles and feet. These figures have been sculpted protruding out of the wall—more or less free-standing. Granite and sandstone have been used for buildings and sculptures at Khajuraho.
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