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Sculptural Panal, Mahabalipuram:

This image is showing the sculptural panel of mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu.Mahabalipuram was the sea port of the Pallavas andexcavations show that the town had a well planned water system. It is famous for its Shore temple, rock cut architecture, caves, sculptural reliefs andrathas. The most remarkable sculptural compositionat Mahabalipuram is the famous relief attributed to Mahendravarman I or his son Mammalla. It has been carved out of two large boulders, with a narrow fissure between them. The sculptors have carved out celestials like the sun and moon, the earth, water and nymphs. It has been alternately identified as “Descent of Ganges” or Arjuna’s Penance. Among the numerous sculptures, a prominent figure is of an ascetic standing on one leg and stretching his arms upwards. This relief measures nearly thirty metres in length and is more than fifteen metres high.
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