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Narasimha Vijaynagar, Hampi:

This image shows Narasimha. In comparison to many Deccan and Northern schools, the sculptors of Vijayanagar used carvings sparingly on their temples. A very distinguished style of sculptures of the Vijayanagar period are many large monolith carvings found at various sites of this kingdom. A large reclining Nandi located some distance to the north-east of the Lepakshi temple and a huge image of Ganesha enshrined as the main deity in a temple dedicated to him are fine examples of the period. Even more impressive, perhaps, is a grand representation of a seated Ugra Narasimha or “Angry Narasimha” at Vijayanagar. The sculpture is six and a half meters in height and was dedicated in 1528 A.D. during the reign of Krishnadeva Raya. The huge sculpture literally dwarfs its human worshipers. It is believed that a figure of Lakshmi was originally seated on the deity’s lap. It is set within a walled enclosure facing the east and a seven-headed snake can be seen above the head of Narasimha. The sculpture was badly damaged but has been repaired by the Archaeological Survey of India.
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