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Vishvanath Temple, Khajuraho:

This image is showing an image of Vishvanatha Temple.The Khajuraho temples represent the culmination of the central Indian style of architecture which had evolved over centuries. These temples throw light on the social, economic and religious life of the people who lived there during the time of the Chandellas. One of the most notable features of the Khajuraho temples are their distinctive style of architecture. Almost all the temples stand on a high and solid platform. The ground and elevation plan of the temple resembles the Kandariya Mahadev and Lakshmana temples. The three broad bands of sculptures along with the passageway contain some of the most exquisite sculptures of Khajuraho. The Vishwanatha temple is dedicated to Siva and enshrines a sivalinga.There are many-petalled flowers which have been carved in the ceiling of this temple. The mainshikharaof the temple is conical in shape and is surrounded by smallershikharasgiving the impression of a mountain range. A stone slab inscription of the temple states that king Dhanga deva built this temple and had installed a stone mixed with emerald lingam.
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