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Victory Tower, Chittorgarh:

This image is showing the Victory tower of Chittorgarh situated in Rajasthan.Victory Tower or Jaya Stambh is a masterpiece of fi fteenth century revivalist Jain architecture, built by Rana Kumbha, a powerful Kings of Mewar. It was designed by an architect called Jaita to commemorate the victory over Mahmud Khalji of Malwa in 1440 A.D. The tower was mainly built by compact limestone and the quartz rock on which it stands. It has nine storeys rising to 37.2 m above the ground level. In each tier of this tower, there is amandapaassociated with a temple, enriched with balconied windows and is carved profusely with the gods of the Hindu pantheon. The ninth storey has a vault with a sculptured representation of Lord Krishna surrounded by dancinggopis.
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