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The Cathedral Church:

This image is showing the cathedral church.In the heart of the Capital is the imposing structure of the Cathedral Church of the Redemption Which has a 63 year old history. The idea of building the church took its birth when Rev. T. R. Dixon came to serve as Chaplain to the newly proclaimed capital of India. Architect H.A.N. Medd, in consultation with Sir Edwin Lutyens, the man who masterminded the planning of the city of New Delhi, prepared the plan for the church. With the coming of Lord lrwin as Viceroy the construction work was expedited and the foundation was laid on February 23, 1927, by the Viceroy himself. The Cathedral Church of the Redemption was finally opened for public worship on January 18, 1931. The church building is built with white and red Dholpur stone. The porches and interiors are made of white stone, except for the arched ceiling. The Parish Hall of the church was opened by Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, as President of India, on December 15, 1965.
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