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Sun Temple, Konarka:

This image is showing an image of sun temple which is in Odisha.The present day territory of the state of Odisha has the prized distinction of possessing a series of beautiful temples illustrating the history of the Kalingas from its inception. The supreme achievement of the architectural genius of the period is the Sun Temple at Konarak. The temple was built by Narasimha I during 1238-58 A.D. As the name suggest, the temple is dedicated to Surya. The Sun Temple situated within the centre of a large quadrangular compound was conceived and designed in the shape of a huge chariot, the ratha of the Sun God drawn by seven horses. The concept of the Sun Temple as a chariot may be based on the practice prevalent in various parts of India using a large wooden cart, ratha for processions of deities through the city streets on festival occasions.There are twelve pairs of wheels on the plinth of the chariot of the Sun God. These twelve pairs of wheels represent the twelve months in year. Due to its proximity to the Bay of Bengal, the salt in the moisture has caused extensive damage to the temple. The Archaeological Survey of India, however, has taken up the monumental task of its conservation.
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