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Sher Mandal:

This image is showing Sher Mandal which is in the area of Purana Qila.The octagonal red sandstone tower of Sher Mandal stands at the entrance of the southern part of the famous Purana Quila in New Delhi. Built by Sher Shah, one of the most able rulers of India during the Mughal period, the location of Purana Quila is supposed to be the site of Indraprastha—the original city of Delhi. Sher Shah built part of the old fort in the 16th century A.D. after defeating Humayun. This double-storeyed octagonal tower of red sandstone with steep stairs leading up to the roof was intended to be higher than its existing height. The fort has massive walls and three large sandstone gateways decorated with white marble inlay and coloured tiles. The design of these gateways formed the beginning of a more artistic ornamental type of building construction—an important architectural development of the times. The Sher Mandal is later believed to have been used by Humayun as his library. History also records that the Mughal king fell to his death from the stairs of this very building.
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