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Sanchi Stupa:

This image is showing Sanchi Stupa.The name of Sanchi is synonymous with the prominent religious shrines and buddhiststupaswhich were built in 3rdcentury BCE. Thestupais an hemispherical solid buildingcontaining some relics of Buddha or Buddhist saints and teachers.In Buddhism, thestupaalso symbolises the Lord Buddha.It has three railings—the one on the ground symbolises theEarth, themedhirailings, the Space and theharmikasymbolises the Heavens. Stupa No. 3 at Sanchi which isshown here, has only oneChhatravali, which contains the relics of Sariputasa and Mahamogalanasa, the foremost disciples of Buddha. The ground rail pillars of the Stupa No. 3 along with others depict a panorama of the then contemporary life which helps in studying the life style of that period. Some of the sculptural remains of Sanchi are preserved at the site museum.
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