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Salim singh ki haveli:

This image is showing the Salim Singh ki Haveli situated in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Itwas built in 1815 A.D. This Haveli belonged to the Mohta family and is still used for residential purposes. This architecture was built on an earlier structure which was constructed in the late seventeenth century A.D. The Haveli has a beautiful arched roof and exquisitely carved details with brackets in the form of peacocks. The entrance is guarded by a large stone elephant, (not seen in the picture). The upper portion of the house has been compared to a ship’s prow and, is often called Jahaz Mahal. The top two storeys, the Kanchan Mahal and Ranga Mahal were once adorned with glass mosaics and bright colours which no longer exist.
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