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Purana Qila Gate:

This image is showing Purana Qila Gate.Quila bears evidence to the elegant architectural style of the Mughals. The gate is flanked by the remains of two huge circular towers with window openings. The arched roof of the gate is covered by an open pedestal with twochhatris,on either side, made of black and red stone. Humayun is believed to have rebuilt the city at the present site of the Purana Quila, which came to be known as Din Panah. Later, Sher Shah Suri who defeated Humayun, completed the fort during his rule from 1538-1545 A.D., before Humayun once again regained his throne in 1555 A.D. The two white lion sculptures engraved on the high gate walls might have been inspired by Hindu architectural styles, thoughbuildings of Humayun’s period are basically Persian in concept.
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