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Man Singh Fort:

This image is showing the Man Singh Fort of Gwalior,Madhya Pradesh. The Man Singh Palace which forms the entrance to the Gwalior Fort and painted decoration of ducks, elephants and peacocks. The palace was built by Raja Man Singh between 1486 and 1516 A.D. It has two storeys above and two below the ground level in the eastern part of the palace. It is built on the edge of the cliff, with a series of towers and domed cupolas originally covered with gilt copper. In the interior, there are vast chambers - Man Mandir and Vikram Mandir, which were used as music halls, where behind the fine lattice-work screens, royal ladies used to learn music from the great masters of the day. These chambers are surrounded by several rooms with elaborately decorated ceilings. The pillars of the gateways of Man Mandir are massive and a line of brackets support the corrugated eaves.
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