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Lotus Temple:

The lotus shaped ‘Mother Temple’ of the Baha’is in South Delhi is a unique architectural wonder of the modern times. It is one of the seven Baha‘i Houses of worship in the World. The magnificent structure which looks like a half open lotus bud—the symbol of worship, creation, beauty and Purity—has its nine exterior petals in glistening white marble. The nine outer leaves form a canopy over the nine wooden paneled entrances to the temple. The smooth white marble flooring inside the auditorium creates a beautiful atmosphere where the people from all faiths can pray in silence. Around the temple are walkways and stairs which surround the nine pools, representing the floating leaves of the lotus. The pools of water help in cooling the building. The marble quarried from Mt. Pantilikon mines in Greece was sent to Italy where each panel was computer cut to the requisite size and shaped before being transported to Delhi. The massive project built over a period of 10 years was designed and built by Fariburz Sahbha, a Baha’I architect.
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