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Lahori Darwaza:

This image is showing the Lahori Darwaza which is main gate of the Red Fort old Delhi.The famous Red Fort in Delhi is an imposing red sandstone structure built by Shahjahan in 1648 A.D. Ithas a magnificent entrance known as the Lahori Gate, which you see in the picture. This gate is believed to be facing the city of Lahore, now in Pakistan. The Lahori Darwaza was situated at a point from where Emperor Shahjahan could get a full view of the famous bazar of Chandni Chowk, even as he sat on his throne at the Diwan-i-Am. However, Aurangzeb blocked the gate with a wall and made another gate on its right side. The Lahori Gate leads to a roofed passage with an arcaded shopping centre on either side called Meena Bazar. This was once the shopping centre for the women of the royal household.The Lahori Darwaza has been tastefully designed. Thechhatrison the superstructure are very impressive. Its ornamentation which is largely structural is extremely pleasing. The ramparts above the Lahori Gate are now used for the flag hoisting ceremony on Independence Day, every year. Besides the main Lahori Gate, the fort has another imposing, three-storeyed gateway called the Delhi Gate. Flanked by semi-octagonal towers consisting of several apartments.
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