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Kumbhalgarh Fort:

This is an image of Kumbhalgarh Fort situated in Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan. Itis a hill fort built by Maharana Kumbha, at a height of 1087 m above sea level and is about 90 kms from Udaipur. It lies on the top most ridge of the hill, surrounded by thirteen other peaks.The Kumbhalgarh Fort has four wide walls, and it was well equipped with batteries, and sufficient accommodation for the troops and the public. It took fifteen years to complete the fort.Seven massive gates guard the approaches, while seven ramparts, one within the other reinforced by rounded bastions and huge watchtowers, render the fort impregnable. Besides many gates, it has several temples like Kumbashyam, Nikhanth and Kuber within the fort. The outer wall embraces an area of several square miles. The tiers of inner ramparts rise to the summit, which are crowned by the Badal Mahal of the Ranas.The palace has several sets of rooms furnished in pastel colours in the nineteenth century A.D.
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