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The Group of Monument, Khajuraho:

This image is showing an image of the monumental groups of khajuraho temple. There are certain distinctive features of the temples at Khajuraho. Almost all have been constructed on a high and solid platform, thejagati. This platform provides an open ambulatory. The doorways are unique achievements of both architecture and sculpture.In this picture, we see the Kandariya Mahadev temple sharing the platform with the small Mahadev temple and the Devi Jagadamba temple on its extreme right.The Kandariya Mahadev temple is considered as the most magnificent temple of Khajuraho. Kandariya denotes ‘Siva who dwells in a mountain cave’ and the temple is dedicated to Siva. A marble lingamis enshrined in the main sanctum. The temple faces east and the gateway is made up of a single stone. A garland that rests on the heads of mythical crocodiles has been carved ornamentally into four loops.The small temple of Mahadev stands between Kandariya Mahadev and Devi Jagadamba temple. A lion along with the kneeling figure in the mandapaof the temple is the most important sculpture. The Devi Jagadamba temple was originally dedicated to Vishnu but later the unfinished image of the goddess determined its name. The temple has three bands of sculptures on the outer walls. The temple also has two interesting sculptures of the three-headed eight-armed Siva and the Varaha, incarnation of Vishnu.
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