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Kalinjar Fort:

This image is showing the Kalinjar fort situated in Kalinjar,Madhya Pradesh.Kalinjar Fort, reputed to be one of the oldest forts of India, lies in the Bundelkhand region. Built at a height of 375 m. from the ground level on the last spur of the Vindhya mountains, Kalinjar fort is at a distance of 57 km. from Banda. Expanded in a circumference of 2 km. from east to west and 1 km. from north to south, this square shaped fort with 45 m. high rampart has seven entrance gates, considered as the auspicious number. These are known as AlamgirDarwaza, GaneshDarwaza, ChandiDarwaza,Budh BudrDarwaza,HanumanDarwaza,LalDarwazaand BaraDarwaza.The steep and stony route from AlamgirDarwazato GaneshDarwazais called KafirGhat. Only Budh BudrDarwazais approached by a flight of steps. All the gates are guarded by either towers or bridges.
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