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Junagarh fort, Bikaner:

This image is showing the Junagarh fort situated in the town of Bikaner,Rajasthan.Junagarh Fort was built by Raja Raj Singh, between 1588 and 1593 A.D. Its outer walls are approx. 990 m in circumference. The fort is known for its range of thirty-seven palaces and pavilions built by chieftains and kings. Junagarh Fort’s main entrance is through the Suraj Pol. In front of this gateway, sculptures of two great warriors, Jaimal and Patta are mounted on painted stone elephants. Karan Mahal (Diwan-i-Am) built by Raja Karan Singh, is on the opposite side of thechowk.The ceiling is supported by a continuous arcade of cusped arches over balustrade and fluted columns. Above the Karan Mahal is Gaj Mandir, a suite of royal apartments on the roof of which is Chatra Niwas, a small pavilion. Karan Mahal leads to Dungar Niwas which has painted walls and a white marble tank. This was filled with coloured water during the festival of Holi. The oldest apartment of the fort is Lal Niwas. The walls are richly painted with stylized symmetrical, floral motifs. The balconies overlooking thechowk, to the south, are fitted withjalis.
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