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Jama Masjid:

This image is showing Jama masjid,whichwas the last of the buildings constructed by Emperor Shahjahan inthe mid 16th century A.D. Built in a course of six years.this ancient place of worship hasa vast courtyard of 400 sq. m. which is reached by a flight of stairs. The gallery within the east gateway was oncereserved for royalty. Below, the square sandstone slabs were meant for the commoners. The courtyard in The mosque is enclosed by pillared corridors with domed pavilions at the corner. The rectangular prayer-hall on The west measures 6.1 m by 27.5 m, enclosed by 11 engraved arches. Inscriptional panels in white and black marble run above the arches. The two minars at the corners of the facade are 130 feet high. The hall is surmounted by three shapely domes decorated with alternate stripes of black and white marble—a new feature of Shahjahan‘s architecture. Mass prayers are held here on Muslim religious occasions.
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