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Jaisalmer Fort:

This image is showing the Jaisalmer fort of Rajasthan.It is situated in the Thar desert, about 287 kms from Jodhpur. The fort stands on Trikuta hill, 76 m high and is enclosed by an imposing crenelated sandstone wall 9.1 m high. It is reinforced with ninety-nine bastions which were used as gun platforms. Wells within the fort provided a regular source of water. The Garh palace stands at the highest point within the fort bordering two sides of an open square known as thechauhata.This is also called the Juna Mahal. All the windows havejaliscreens made of stone, typical of all Rajasthan buildings of the period. Between 1577 and 1623 A.D. the Suraj Pol, Ganesh Pol and Hawa Pol were erected. The Suraj Pol is decorated with a large rounded ornate Sun. To its right is a large tower crowned by a kiosk with delicate carved balconies called Tazia Tower, which has five storeys of ornately carved details with drooping Bengali style roofs. Beyond a spiked entrance gate, on a sharp turn in the path is the Ganesh Pol, which leads to Rang Pol. The outer defences are reinforced by a second rampart, which runs parallel to and higher than the first. Rang Mahal, situated above Hawa Pol, is decorated with murals. Sarvotam Vilas, a most distinguished building is decorated with blue tiles and glass mosaics. Adjacent is the Gaj Vilas, built in 1884 A.D. It stands on a high plinth, its eastern elevation facing the Square orchauhata.
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