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Jahaz Mahal:

This image is showing the well known Jahaz Mahal situated in Mandu, Madhya Pradesh.Mahmud Khan Khalji, built the Jahaz Mahal in 15 century A.D. situated between two artificial lakes, Munja Talao and Kapur Talao, resembles a ship from a distance. The whole edifice is massive and measures about 100 m. by 15 m. It has an arcaded ground storey with a broad eave above and a wide flight of steps leading to a roof terrace. On the ground floor, there are three large halls with a beautiful bathing courtyard, luxurious fountain courts, while on the rooftop are pavilions, kiosks and cupolas. Its reflection in the Munja and Kapur Talao has a magical effect on the viewers. In the inset picture, one can see the back side view of Jahaz Mahal.
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