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Jahangir Mahal:

This image is showing the Jahangir Mahal situated in orchcha, Madhya Pradesh.Jahangir Mahal built in the 17th century A.D. by Bir Singh Deo, younger brother of Ram Singh, Sultan of Orchha. In his architectural feast, one can see the synthesis of Hindu and Muslim style of architecture. Jahangir Mahal, built in five receding storeys surmounted by eight domes and covered balconies, stands along the banks of the Betwa river. A pair of elephants are flanked at the main entrance and the whole structure is carved of sandstone. A doorway in the southern facade leads through a hall to open quadrangle containing a central fountain around which are arranged the apartments and terraces in the three storey ranges. Lateral communication between the suites of rooms is through hanging balconies protected by wide eaves which run along the outer walls and windows decorated withjali-work screens.
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