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India Gate:

This image is showing India Gate which is inSecretariat complex, one can see the tall arched monument of the IndiaGate. This 42 m high buff coloured stone structure is the All India War Memorial, popularly known as India Gate. It is raised in the memory of 82,000 soldiers of the Indian army who died in World War I. The Duke of Connaught laid the foundation stone of the archway on February 10, 1921.The names of the martyrs are inscribed on the stones of the arched gateway for theentire world to see and remember the noble souls who laid down their lives so that others may live. The gateway has a flight of stairs that leads up to the roof top. It was once used as the vantage point by visitors and photographers. Of late, however, the steps are closed to the public. At the center of the open gateway, burns the eternal flame of ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ .An inverted rifle with a helmet placed on the butt, symbolizing a memorial to the impartial soldier, stands under the arch.
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