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Humayu's Tomb:

This image is showing Humayun's Tomb, situated Nizamuddin New Delhi. This persian architecture was built byby Bega Begam, Humayun’s widow, (popularly known as Haji Begum), eight years after his death.Standing on the capital‘s famous Mathura road, the Humayun’s Tomb offers the first indicationsof the development of the art of stone inlay which culminated nearly a century later in the exquisite decorations of the Taj Mahal at Agra.The lofty mausoleum is located at the centre of the enclosure. It rises from a podium faced by a series of arched openings. The central octagonal chamber houses the cenotaph (false tomb) and is encompassed by chambers and arched lobbies with perforated screens. Each side of the chamber is dominated by three arches, the central one being the highest. This plan is repeated on the second storey. For the first time, double domes appear in Indian architecture, the inner shell forming the vaulted ceiling to the tomb chambers and the outer shell creating a majestic external impact.
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