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Hindola Mahal:

This image is showing the famous architecture of Hindola Mahal situated in Mandu, Madhya pradesh. This wasbuilt in 1425 A.D., is also known as Swinging Palace due to its sloping sidewalls. The tapering walls slope at approximately 77 degrees. The whole building is ‘T’ shaped with the oblong portion forming an audience hall and the cross-bar portion, the royal apartments. The audience hall is 110 ft. long, 60 ft. wide and 35 ft. high, with several arcades around a huge room framed with transverse arches and overlooked by a gallery. The royal apartments were built in two storeys with projected windows artistically designed which are enriched with an ornamental facade with delicatejaliwork in sandstone. The whole edifice gives an impression of massive solidity.
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