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Hanuman Mandir:

This image is showing Hanuman Mandir.This sacred Hindu temple stands alongside the Capital’s buzzing shopping complex of Baba Kharak Singh Marg. Said to have been built in the Mughal period, during the reign of Raja Jai Singh, the Hanuman Mandir has its interiors made of smooth white marble. The exteriors were renovated in the year 1964 A.D. The interior walls are partly covered with silver. The other idols of Rama,Lakshmana and Sita are also covered with silver ornamentation. The awe-inspiring idol of the chief God Hanuman, is believed to have been found during the medieval period. The surging crowds that pour into the temple, do so under a popular religious theory which classifies the temple as a Siddha Peeth (a place of fulfillment of wishes). Today, a whole range of shops surrounding the temple have marred its original architectural beauty. The weekly mela held at the temple complex,every Tuesday of the week attracts large crowds.
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