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Gujari Mahal, Gwalior Fort:

This image is showing the Gujari Mahal, which is inside Gwalior Fort situated in Gwalior,Rajasthan. One of the marvels of the medieval architecture, Gujari Mahal is situated in the premises of the Gwalior Fort. It was built by Raja Man Singh in 1510 A.D. for his wife, Mrignayani. Gujari Mahal, a two storey masonry building of the artistry with interior portion set around spacious courtyard, is surrounded by small rooms with carved brackets and bands of moulded ornaments. Its interior portion has been converted into an archaeological museum having outstanding collection of Hindu and Jain sculptures, inscriptions and paintings. One of the statue kept there is of the tree goddess, Salabhanjika, brought from Gyraspur.
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