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Golconda Fort:

This image is showing Golconda fort, which is in AhmadabadGolconda was the center of a rich and powerful state formed by the disintegration of the Bahaminikingdom in the early 16th century A.D. It is outstanding for both its fort and the royal tombs which represent the third and final phase of the Deccan style of Islamic architecture. The Golconda fort is about 8.5 km west of Hyderabad and was built on a rocky hill top (120 metre high) in 1512 A.D. The outer curtain wall of the fort is 4.8 km in circumference and the massive stone walls were built of large masonry blocks, some of them weighing several tonnes. One of the most noticeable features of the fort is the system of acoustics. The sounds of clappings of hands in the ground portico can be heard in the Durbar Hall at the very top of the hill. The fort was so impregnable that it fell to the Mughal forces of Aurangzeb only after a year long seige in 1686 A.D. The Qutub Shahi monuments in Golconda are distinguished by large arches,ornamental facades and domes.
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