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Ghiyas Ud- din Tughlaq Tomb:

This image is showing the tomb of Ghiyas Ud-Din Tughlaq. It is situated in Tughlaqabad of Delhi. It has 13 gateways in Delhi city.Across the main entrance to the south of the octagonal fort is the red sandstone tomb of Ghiyas-ud-Din himself. The most striking part of its composition is the determined slope of the outer walls, as these are inclined at an angle of seventy-five degrees, suggesting the converging sides of a pyramid. Its square base is sixty one feet wide and the entire height of the structure, including its sandstone finial, is over eighty feet. A restrained use of marble on the walls of the self-built tomb gives this fortress like structure a distinguished look. A white marble dome with a circular sandstone marks the crowning gloryof this exquisite tomb. Originally, the tomb was built within a vast artificial reservoir of rain water and was also connected to Tughlaqabad by a causeway.
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