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Group of Temple, Pattadakal:

This image is showing general view group of temple Pattadakal.Pattadakal, the third of the Chalukyan capital seat after Aihole and Badami is about sixteen kilometres from Badami. It is located on the banks of Malaprabha river. Pattadakal is known for its beautiful early western Chalukyan temples. The kingdom reached its zenith under the rule of Vijayaditya and Vikramaditya.The style of architecture of Pattadakal evolved in the first half of the eighth century.At Pattadakal, the two styles of temples—nagaraanddravidacan be seen. While studying the architectural details, one finds that both the styles have influenced one another. The Jain Temple to the east of the main temple site has been associated with the Rashtrakutas period.
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