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Five Rathas, Mahabalipuram:

This image is showing Five Rathas Mahabalipuram which also known as Pandava Rathas.Mahabalipuram, the port city of the Pallavas situated about 55 kms. south of Chennai is famous for its rock cut monoliths belonging to the 7th century C.E.During their rule in South India, the Pallavas constructed a large number of temples through out their kingdom. The early phase of architectural activity of the Pallavan rule mainly consisted of rock cut monuments and the later phase is known for structural buildings.There are many free standing monolithic buildings scattered in Mahabalipuram of which the five rathasnear the sea popularly known as the ‘PanchPandavaRathas’ are Dharmarajaratha, Bhimaratha, Arjunaratha, Draupadiratha and NakulaSahadevaratha. These were probably carved out during the reign of Mamalla I. One sees the beginning of an elaborate style of temple architecture of several storeys and having a variety of roof styles. It is interesting to note that some of the roofs closely resemble the that chad roof of village homes.
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