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Facade, Zanana Mahal, Jodhpur:

This image is showing an image of Zanana Mahal which is in Jodhpur Rajasthan.The Garh palace of Mehrangarh Fort, of which about two third is azenana,was constructed during 1670 A.D. by Maharaja Jaswant Singh. A major court of thezenanais Moti Mahal chowk otherwise known as Moti Vilas. Thiszenanacontains numerousjharokhas(small, projecting balcony) decorated withjaliwork screens and capped by curved roofs. The whole structure is carved from sandstone and painted white. The profusion ofjaliscreates an illusion of delicatelace work. The narrow gallery between the arcade and the bracket of the stone supporting the facade - a narrow strip along the edge of each room - is a unique feature peculiar to the Jodhpur zenana.
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