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Diwan-i-am 01:

This image is showing diwan-i-am which made in the red fort where the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and his successors received members of the general public and heard their grievances.. It is built on a raised plinth and is open on three sides. The Emperor’s throne is placed at the raised recess of the back wall. The thronePlatform is marble panelled which was engraved with precious stones. In 1739 A.D., these precious stones were removed by Nadir Shah and later rulers. Lord Curzon, however, is said to have restored back much of its grandeur. The hall has a flat roof raised on sandstone arches. Under the marble canopy on the rear side stood the Emperor‘s throne from where he received the general public. The walls of the canopied hall are panelled with multi coloured stone inlay work depicting flowers and birds. On the ceiling of the central panel can be seen the figure of the Greek God Orpheus with his flute. Till this day, the Diwan-i-Am bears standing testimony to the rich blend of Mughal and Hindu architecture in India
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