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Deeg Palace:

This image is of Deeg Palace situated in Deeg, Rajasthan. Deeg was the capital of the Jat Kingdom founded by Badan Singh and he himself built this. It is situated about 32 kms from Bharatpur. It is also known as Purana Mahal, is a single continuous mass of building built on a plain with little fortification. Inside the palace there are apartments, now used for Government offices, with two open chowks, however the building is a rectangular block. It’s upper portion consists of a number of domes and galleries. The main entrance of the palace is via the Singh Pol. This gate has a huge archway ornately carved with lions. some other architectural features of the palace are the Suraj Gate, the Nanga Gate and the two water tanks the Gopal Sagar and the Rup Sagar. In the picture the reflection of the palace can be seen in the water the Gopal Sagar.
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