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Chanderi Fort:

This image is of the Chanderi fort situated in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh.It lies within a circuit of 6 km. Lengthwise and offers a birds eye view of the city of Chanderi. It has five gates – TaliyaDarwazaon the east; DelhiDarwazain the north; FaquirDarwazaand ChangaDarwazaon the west; and KhuniDarwazaon the south. At present only three are in proper state which are DelhiDarwaza,FaquirDarwazaand KhuniDarwaza.One of the prominent features of Chanderi Fort is theShardulamotif found on the niches. Number of bastions, which served as watch towers were built in the premises of the fort of which only three are existing. They are Kamalaburjin the north, Gadaburjin the south and Bhad Bhadburjin the west.
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