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Cannaught Place:

This image showing the Cannaught Place.The vast shopping centre, the Connaught Place, was built during the British Raj, by the Viceroy, to caterto the needs of the sophisticated class. It is named after the visit of the Duke of Connaught to India in 1921 A.D. The circular formation of buildings in white and the rounded pillars, enclosing a spacious verandah, was conceived by Sir Edwin Lutyens in keeping with the architectural harmony of Rashtrapati Bhawan and India Gate. The elite shopping center comprised six blocks in the inner circle called Connaught Place and six blocks in the outer circle known as Connaught Circus. Both circles have colonnaded corridors. In the mid-twenties, the American Express block, then known as Sujan Singh block, was constructed. Consequently in 1932 A.D., Scindia House, Janpath and the Regal building (built by Sobha Singh) came up. The lotus shaped fountain at the center, constructed in the sixties, adds to the beauty of the place. The underground shopping center of Palika Bazar and the basement parking lot are recent attempts at modernizing the older complex. Flanking the approach to Connaught Place from Janpath are the Eastern and Western Courts designed by Robert Tor Russell, a dignified pair of classical buildings with colonnaded Tuscan verandahs.
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