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Bundi Fort:

This is an image Bundi Fort situated in Bundi, Rajasthan.Bundi is situated in south-east Rajasthan. Bundi Fort was constructed by Rao Deva Hara in 1342 A.D. This fort is also known as Taragarh Fort. It is square in plan with large corner bastions. In the middle of the west wall there is a fine gateway and in the middle of the east wall, a postern. The ramparts are crenelated, with high parapets. The main gate, to the west is flanked by octagonal towers protected by a strong barbican. The main entrance has vaulted guard rooms. the fort is dominated by a huge masonry tower, the Bhim Burj, which was used to house one of the most famous cannons of this region. This fort contains many water tanks.
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